Lionel Messi’s father ‘is already in England negotiating a two-year deal with Manchester City’ after the Argentine star told Barcelona he wants out

Lionel Messi’s father is reportedly in England discussing terms with Manchester City for the Argentine playmaker. 

This comes a day after the six-time Ballon d’Or winner informed the club that he does not want to continue under new coach Ronald Koeman following Barcelona’s embarrassing 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League and disappointing season in Spain which resulted in no trophies. 

According to RAC1 and TyC Sports, Jorge Messi has already touched down in Manchester to discuss terms with the Premier League side.  

The reports say that the player’s father who is also his agent is discussing a two-year deal with City, despite a reported disagreement between Barcelona and Lionel Messi over his £630million release clause at the club. 

Lionel Messi

Before Messi made his decision to leave the club, he held crunch talks with new coach Ronald Koeman following the Dutchman’s appointment as Quique Setien’s replacement last week.

In their discussions, Messi made his decision clear to leave the club while the new manager told him his “privileges” were over.

Messi, whose deal runs out in 2021, believes a clause in his contract means he can leave as a free agent this summer. But Barcelona are insisting that the clause expired in June, which would mean either Messi or City would have to pay his £630million release clause at the club.

A move to Manchester City would see Messi reunite with ex-Barcelona coach Guardiola in England. 

During his illustrious playing career at the Camp Nou, Messi won an astonishing 10 La Liga titles, six Copa del Reys, seven Spanish Super Cups, and four Champions League.

Luxury buses stopped from operating in Kano

Owners of luxury buses have been stopped from operating in Kano state following an ex parte motion granted by a chief magistrate court at Gidan Murtala area of Kano. 

The ex parte motion was filed by Mutawakkil Muhammad, principal counsel of the state ministry of justice and secretary/legal adviser of Kano state road traffic agency (KAROTA) following the failure of luxury bus operators to obey the directive of KAROTA to relocate to Unguwa Uku motor park.

Baffa Babba-Dan Agundi, managing director of KAROTA who reacted to the court order said the legal move was taken due to the disobedience of the bus owners to relocate to the new park to continue their businesses. He warned that any luxury bus owner that violates the court order would be dealt with.

40% of married men in Nigeria are bisexual- Halima Abubakar

Actress, Halima Abubakar, is of the opinion that 40% of married men in Nigeria are bisexual.

The actress on Tuesday, August 25, shared a cryptic post that implied that most men who cheat are closeted gays. She wrote

“Don’t blame people who jump from one girl to another. Some times what they really want is another man. Don’t hurt yourself. Dust yourself and move on.”

40% of married men in Nigeria are bisexual- Halima Abubakar

Speaking with Punch today August 26, the mum of one gave reasons for sharing the post. According to her, about 40% of married Nigerian men are on the “Down-low” (bi-sexual). She says she knows a lot of married men who are bisexual.

According to the actress, people should be bold enough to live their truth instead of getting married and putting their families at risk.

“We have over 40 per cent of down-low (bi-sexual married men) in Nigeria, whether you want to believe it or not. Sadly, their families don’t even know. Instead of them putting their families through hurt, infect them with various diseases and end up killing their wives or themselves because they are scared to open up, I feel they should be truthful and realistic about their needs and put it first before anything.

I know so many people who are married and they are bi-sexual. I’m saying this because it is the truth and those reacting are the guilty ones. Tell me why a man will change girls at random? What exactly are they looking for if it is not a man? Nigerians don’t accept the truth because half of us are hypocrites. I Halima Abubakar am telling you that a lot of people are bi-sexual. They should save the lives of future generations by coming out, if they don’t want to come out, they should not get married.

If they want just a child, they can afford surrogacy. You won’t believe some of these people have nine children, tell me what they want nine children for only to go and end up with a man. That’s destroying somebody’s life.
I’ve been hinting about it for a long time now so I just needed to say it like this.”

Nigerian man, Kaycee Madu appointed Minister of Justice in Canada

A Nigerian man, Kaycee Madu has made history after being appointed a Minister of Justice in Alberta, Canada. 

Premier Jason Kenney on Tuesday August 25, elevated Madu to the justice portfolio from Municipal Affairs in a cabinet shuffle that saw Calgary-Elbow MLA Doug Schweitzer move from justice to an economic portfolio.

With the appointment, Madu is now the first Black Canadian to occupy either provincial or federal justice positions of the justice minister, attorney general or solicitor general.

Kenney said; 

“This effectively takes the Economic Development, Trade and Tourism portfolio (and) renames it. Additional functions will be added to the ministry over the weeks and months that come.

“This is a broadened and expanded ministry. Alberta is being hit especially hard with the double whammy of the global coronavirus recession, on top of that the collapse of energy prices which has clobbered our largest industry — oil and gas.”

Madu on his own part tweeted; 

Thank you, everyone, for all the well wishes. I am beyond humbled to accept my new role as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General – where I will pursue fairness, equality, and justice for all with every ounce of strength I have.

Nigerian man, Kaycee Madu appointed Minister of Justice in Canada

Born and raised in southeastern Nigeria, Madu graduated from the University of Lagos with a law degree in 2001. He and his wife moved to Canada in 2005. They have three children. Madu, who has practised law in both Nigeria and Alberta, was first elected as an MLA in the April 2019 general election.

Dunia Nur, president of the Edmonton-based African Canadian Civic Engagement Council, said Madu has become a role model for the community.

Igbos divided as Supreme Court upholds the right of a female child to inherit her father’s properties

The Supreme Court has upheld the right of a female child to inherit her father’s properties and this decision has divided Igbos as some are in support while some oppose it.

Igbo laws and customs prevent female children from inheriting their father’s estate, specifically land in their father’s ancestral home.

The decision by the supreme court voids this age-long Igbo custom on the grounds that it is discriminatory and conflicts with the provision of the constitution.

The Supreme Court held that the practice conflicted with section 42(1)(a) and (2) of the 1999 Constitution.

The land mark judgment was on the appeal marked: SC.224/2004 filed by Mrs. Lois Chituru Ukeje (wife of the late Lazarus Ogbonna Ukeje) and their son, Enyinnaya Lazarus Ukeje against Ms. Gladys Ada Ukeje (the deceased’s daughter).

Gladys had sued the deceased’s wife and son before the Lagos High Court, claiming to be one of the deceased’s children and sought to be included among those to administer their deceased father’s estate.

The trial court found that she was a daughter to the deceased and that she was qualified to benefit from the estate of their father who died intestate in Lagos in 1981.

The Court of Appeal, Lagos to which Mrs. Lois Ukeje and Enyinnaya Ukeje appealed, upheld the decision of the trial court, prompting them to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court held that the Court of Appeal, Lagos was right to have voided the Igbo native law and custom that disinherit female children.

Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, who read the lead judgment, held that: “No matter the circumstances of the birth of a female child, such a child is entitled to an inheritance from her late father’s estate.

Justice Rhodes-Vivour said: “Consequently, the Igbo customary law, which disentitles a female child from partaking in the sharing of her deceased father’s estate is breach of Section 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution, a fundamental rights provision guaranteed to every Nigerian.

“The said discriminatory customary law is void as it conflicts with Section 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution. In the light of all that I have been saying, the appeal is dismissed. In the spirit of reconciliation, parties are to bear their own costs.”

Justices Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen, Clara Bata Ogunbiyi, Kumai Bayang Aka’ahs and John Inyang Okoro, who were part of the panel that heard the appeal, agreed with the lead judgment.

The decision has evoked mixed reactions from Igbos.

In his reaction, the Bishop, Diocese on the Niger, Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo described the judgment as a welcome development.

According to Vanguard, he said that female children are not second class citizens and should not be treated like one.

He said: “Female children have and should be accorded the same rights given to their male counterparts and therefore should not be discriminated against.

“This is not the first time the Supreme Court has given this judgment. Some years ago, the Supreme Court gave similar judgment but we are happy and we thank the Supreme Court for upholding the same judgment and there is no going back in females inheriting their fathers’ property.

“Families should put the judgment in practice and female children should stand up and claim their right. It is not only Supreme Court judgment but God given right and they should take that right.”

Prof. Uzodinma Nwala-led Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF, also welcomed the decision, saying, “In today’s world, daughters have proved their mettle in bringing sustainability, honour and dignity to their families. Some of them have played the role of bread-winners for their father’s houses.

“So, it would have amounted to great injustice to continue to deny them the right of inheritance. They should be entitled to a fair share  of their family wealth whether married or single.”

However, a prominent monarch in Nsukka and the grand patron of Enugu State Traditional Rulers Council, and the traditional ruler of Aji autonomous community in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Igwe Simeon Osisi Itodo, said the Supreme Court ruling cannot abolish the tradition and custom of the Igbos.

Itodo said that any attempt to implement such law in Igboland would provoke chaos and skirmishes among various communities.

He argued that the custom is unique to the people of South-East Nigeria and should not be touched.

“There are traditions which had existed before the law. Before the emergence of law courts, Igbos have their tradition and custom which cannot be wiped out because of Supreme Court ruling.

“There are so many things we have in common which cannot be stopped because of court verdict.

“We are not against that ruling but we would not abolish our customs and traditions which all of us met. You can imagine a married woman coming back to her father to share his property with the sons.

“We would not allow it because it would breed chaos and troubles in our communities. If there are customs that allow such inheritance, let the people continue the practice but it won’t work in Igboland.

“In India, women pay the dowry but the reverse is the case here. We would not abolish our unique customs because of court ruling,” the monarch said.

The President- General of Ndigbo United Forum, NUF, Chief Godson Ezenagu, commended the decision of the Supreme Court, saying that granting females access to their fathers’ property is natural, adding that it would give them a sense of belonging in the society.

“According to Igbo tradition, the female child inheritance does not happen and now that the Supreme Court has ruled that they are entitled to that, by natural justice and conscience, I agree with them completely.

“Granting them access to their biological father’s properties is a natural thing. Sometimes, customs handed over from generation to generation can be awkward and can be discontinued.

“For denying them that, they are put in serious jeopardy; they are molested at home and also in their marital home. Their partaking in sharing of property will make them more comfortable than the situation in which they found themselves. That is what is supposed to happen naturally.

“All animals are equal and at the same time, all children are equal. We shouldn’t because of custom deny the female child her natural right.

“So, it is a welcome development and I am sure all people of good faith will support it and advocate that even the ones that have not been done or already done could be revisited.”

Chief Augustine Emelobe, a renowned Chemical Engineer, said the Supreme Court’s ruling has removed the unjust and unfair treatment on the female children.

He told Vanguard: “I support the verdict of the Supreme Court. Children are children irrespective of whether they are male or female. I have always had the notion that it is unjust and unfair on the part of the female children.

“I applaud the Supreme Court as the last hope of the common man in this age-long man’s inhumanity to man.”

For the President-General of the Coalition of South-East Youth Leaders, Goodluck Egwu Ibem, the Supreme Court decision is a welcome development.

According to him, it is a wonderful defence of the girl-child who before now, has been treated as a second class citizen in our society.

He said: “She is seen as the property of her husband who loses all forms of rights once she gets married. A man who has only female children in our society loses his rights to certain privileges like being a traditional ruler or his inheritance in his own father’s compound. The situation before now has been very ugly.

“We deeply appreciate the Supreme Court for this landmark judgment that has brought back the confidence of the girl-child in our society today.”

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos becomes the World’s first person to have a net worth of $200 billion

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has become the first person in the World to have a net worth of $200 billion.

Forbes reported that Bezos was worth $204.6 billion as of 1:50 pm ET on Wednesday, August 26, when Amazon stock gained 2%. The 56-year-old who is already the richest person in the world, saw his net worth increase to $204.6 billion from $74 billion during the span of 2020. 

According to Forbes’ calculations, Amazon founder’s fortune is the largest ever amassed even when taking inflation into account.

The report said Amazon’s stock price has been skyrocketing over the last few months, as millions of people have been forced to stay inside and order more products online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The company’s share price has surged more than 100% since March 16, when it was trading for less than $1,700 per share.

Amazon is worth $1.72 trillion, making it the second most valuable company behind Apple, which is worth $2.16 trillion. 

”Do you know who you are talking to?” FFK blasts journalist at a press conference for asking him a “stupid” question

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, recently took a tour of some South-South and southeast states and as part of his activities, had media briefings with some of the journalists in the state.

However, at the press conference in Calabar, Cross Rivers state, a journalist asked him if he was being ”bankrolled by any politician or political group.”

The former Minister felt highly insulted by the question and spared no thought as he lashed out at the journalist in the presence of everyone at the press briefing.

”What type of stupid question is that? What type of stupid question is that? Bankrolling who? Do you know who you are talking to? Bankrolling who? I will not take any questions from this man. 

What type of insulting question is that? Which bankroll? to do what? Who can give me money for anything? who do you think you are talking to? Bankroll what? Go and report yourself to your publisher.  Bankroll what? Please don’t insult me here. 

I don’t want to take any questions from this man. I could see from your face before you got here how stupid you are. Don’t ever talk to me like that. Bankroll who? You have a small mind.  Very small mind. Don’t judge me by your own standards.” he charged at the journalist

Watch the video below

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Kanye West declared ineligible for ballot in three more states after missing deadline×300&!2&fsb=1&xpc=ddvIxf8Jlj&p=https%3A//

Kanye West has been taken off the ballot in three more US states following rulings issued by election officials on Friday August 21. 

Election officials in Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia held that the rapper who is running as an independent on what he calls the Birthday Party ticket, didn’t qualify to appear on their state ballots barely a day after officials in Wisconsin and Montana also took him off their ballot. 

In Ohio, he was disqualified because information and a signature on a nominating petition and statement of candidacy for the rapper and running mate Michelle Tidball didn’t match the paperwork used to gather needed voter signatures, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said in a release.

In Illinois his home state, the State Board of Elections voted 8-0 on Friday that he’s ineligible for the ballot there because he lacked the 2,500 valid signatures needed, spokesman Matt Dietrich said. About 1,300 signatures were determined not to be genuine or the signer wasn’t registered at the address shown, Dietrich said.

Election officials in West Virginia determined that West’s campaign had only 6,383 of the 7,144 valid signatures needed to qualify, said Jennifer Gardner, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s office.

He is however qualified to appear on the ballot in at least Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont. 

This is coming amid reports of West being helped by Republican lawyers or operatives in the country to get on the ballot in several states to steal support from Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate. 

TMZ also reported that Kanye West’s campaign is on the rocks as he missed another important deadline in his presidential run. He is required by FEC rules to file a financial report if he raises or spends $100k on his campaign, but it was gathered that the filing deadline was on August 20 and the agency was yet to receive his. 

Clergyman, Prophet Odumeje aka Indaboski welcomes fifth child (photo)

Popular clergyman Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanarmere (Odumeje) aka Indaboski, has welcomed his fifth child with his wife.

The excited dad shared the good news on his Instagram page on Saturday morning, August 22. He posted a photo of him and his baby and wrote

”Welcome to my Home Baby 5G. You shall bring Favour to all the #lionsfamily worldwide. #theliquidmetal #thelionhimself #indaboski #odumejethelion”

FG wades in on UNILAG crisis, asks Pro chancellor and sacked VC to step aside

The Federal government has waded in on the crisis rocking the University of Lagos and has directed the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council of the University of Lagos, Wale Babalakin, and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, to step aside from their official duties.

On July 12, the governing council in a meeting chaired by Babalakin in Abuja, sacked Ogundipe after finding him guilty of acts of wrongdoing, gross misconduct, financial recklessness and abuse of office. The university has been thrown into confusion since then as members of staff have vowed to resist Ogundipe’s removal. 

In a tweet released on Saturday August 22, the Federal Ministry of Education, says both Babalakin and Ogundipe are to step aside pending the outcome of the special visitation panel set up by President Buhari. The tweet reads

FG directs the Pro-Chancellor/Chairman of Council of the University of Lagos, Dr B. O. Babalakin and the Vice Chancellor, Prof.Oluwatoyin T.Ogundipe to recuse themselves from official duties, pending the outcome of the Special Visitation Panel set up by the President.

FG wades in on UNILAG crisis, asks Pro chancellor and sacked VC to step aside

Meanwhile, Ogundipe has withdrawn the suit he filed challenging his removal. He withdrew the case from the National Industrial Court on Friday, August 21.

If you have kids for my husband, come forward for a DNA test – Liz Anjorin

Liz Anjorin has asked any woman claiming to have kids for her husband, Lateef Adegboyega Lawal, to come forward for a DNA test.

Recall that shortly after their wedding, some women came out with claims that he is married to them as well and that they have several kids for him.

Well, Anjorin has asked the women to come forward for a DNA test to back up their claim. In a chat with Punch, the actress said

”There is no pressure on my husband. Truthfully, the worst thing that anyone can do to a person has been done to me. Some people can’t survive what I have gone through. If my husband was a new person to me, there is a high tendency that he would have been tired. Thank God I married my best friend.

Those ladies that have claimed that my husband is theirs have not reached out to us and none of them has brought the children to us. I have challenged them openly as well. All these people saying these things are only taking advantage of my husband because he is a nice man. Everyone should bring their child forward for a DNA test. We both had children before we got married but he was never married to anyone. My husband is not a small boy, moreover, my first daughter is older than his.

In the past, some people have said my mouth is too sharp, but shame on them. I’m a very playful person and a woman that every man would want to have. I’m very open with my husband and I love people. People judge from afar but at times, it is good to get close to people before you do that. Some ‘quiet ladies’ have dealt with their husband mercilessly but people like us can’t hurt anyone.”

Presidency lists Buhari’s achievements in one year

The Presidency has listed Buhari’s achievements in the last one year after being reelected in 2019. 

The achievement cuts across the economy, governance, transportation, oil and gas as well as human empowerment. Some laws which President Buhari assented to in the last one year, were also added to the list. 

Here’s the full list below; 

  • Establishment of new Ministries, including Police Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.
  • Restoration of the Budget Implementation Cycle to a January-to-December Calendar, with the signing of the 2020 Appropriation Bill in December 2019.
  • Signing into law a Finance Bill, to reform domestic tax laws, introduce tax incentives for investments in infrastructure and capital markets, and improve the business environment. It was the first time since the return of democracy in 1999 that a Federal Budget was accompanied by a passage of an enabling Finance Bill.
  • Approval of 10 billion Naira Intervention Fund for the upgrade of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu. That project is now very close to completion.
  • Ordering a forensic audit of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).
  • Rise to 131st position, from 146th on the World Bank Doing Business Index, earning a place as one of ten top performing countries in the word.
  • Assent to the Deep Offshore (and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract) Act, a landmark legislative reform which will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in extra government revenues annually.
  • Performing the ground-breaking for the University of Transportation in Daura, an investment by CCECC in Nigeria. On a similar note, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo performed the ground-breaking for a new Wagon Assembly Plant in Kajola, Ogun State, which will produce rolling stock for Nigeria’s new Rail Lines, and create jobs for thousands of Nigerians.
  • President Buhari approved the Financial Transparency Policy, mandating publication of Public Financial Information through an Open Treasury Portal.
  • Nigerian has a new Visa Policy, that will improve the business environment, attract innovation and FDI, boost tourism and improve African integration.
  • Nigeria commenced issuance of Visas on Arrival to all persons holding passports of African countries.
  • President Buhari approved the commencement of the Community Policing initiative, and has approved a 13.3 billion Naira take-off grant.
  • Nigeria commenced Operation ‘Ex-Swift Response’, a multi-agency security operation to secure the nation’s land borders.
  • President Buhari flagged-off construction of the Ajaokuta–Kaduna-Kano (AKK) gas pipeline.
  • President Buhari launched the the Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Scheme.
  • President Buhari established the Economic Sustainability Committee (ESC), under the leadership of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The ESC has since developed the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan (NESP), a 2.3 Trillion Naira stimulus package to help cushion the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The Federal Executive Council approved the kick-off of pre-engineering phase (and payment of part counterpart funding) of the Presidential Power Initiative, a government-to-government deal involving the Nigeria, Germany and Siemens AG.
  • Final Investment Decision was reached on the US$10 billion Train 7 expansion of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited (in which the NNPC holds a 49 percent stake). This was followed by the signing of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the project. The Train 7 will expand NLNG’s capacity by 35 percent, and further position Nigeria as one of the leading producers and exporters of LNG in the world.
  • Commencement of payment of increased Allowance (33,000 Naira monthly) to NYSC members.
  • President Buhari established the National Humanitarian Coordination Committee (NHCC), and the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 (PTFCOVID19).
  • President Buhari approved the release of a 10 billion Naira Grant to the Lagos State Government and a five billion Naira Grant to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), to support the Coronavirus Response.
  • President Buhari signed an Amendment to Executive Order 8, the Voluntary Offshore Assets Regularisation Scheme (VOARS).
  • The Department of Petroleum Resources has commenced the bidding round for 57 Marginal Fields, the first such process in almost 20 years.
  • A National Special Public Works (SPW) programme kicked off in the first quarter of 2020, with a successful pilot programme in eight States. It is now being expanded nationwide, and will provide employment and stipends for 774,000 young Nigerians – 1,000 beneficiaries per Local Government) for three months, starting October 2020.
  • The Itakpe-Warri Railway Line is now ready for operations. Construction commenced more than three decades ago, and then the project was abandoned for many years, until President Buhari took office. It has now been completed and is ready to commence commercial operations, as Nigeria’s “Central Line.
  • Track-laying for the main section of the new Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway Line was completed in March 2020, almost exactly three years after Vice President Yemi Osinbajo performed the ground-breaking ceremony for the project, on behalf of President Buhari
  • The Nigeria Police Trust Fund, established by the President in 2019, has now been operationalised, with the appointment and inauguration of a Board of Trustees, and an Executive Secretary.
  • Nigeria defeated Polio – attaining, in Q3 2020, the status of being officially free from the Wild Polio Virus, for the first time in the country’s history.
  • No fewer than three private Modular Refinery projects have been completed in 2020, a clear manifestation of the success of the New Vision for the Niger Delta, President Buhari’s Peace, Security and Development Agenda for the oil-producing region of Nigeria. The Modular Refining element of the New Vision involves extending policy and financing support to private investors seeking to establish Modular Refineries.
  • The first of the dozen A-29 Super Tucano light attack, combat and reconnaissance aircraft ordered by Nigeria in a government-to-government deal with the United States successfully completed its inaugural flight at the production facility. The full fleet is scheduled for delivery in 2021.
  • President Buhari approved the establishment of a 75 billion Naira Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), to provide 5%-interest business loans to Nigerians aged between 18 and 35.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) launched a 50 billion Naira Household and SME support facility, to cushion the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. As at July 2020, N49.195 billion has been disbursed, to over 92,000 beneficiaries.
  • Applications opened (and have now closed) for a new Batch of beneficiaries for the N-Power Jobs Scheme, a component of the National Social Investment Programme, overseen by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. More than 5 million young Nigerians applied for the 400,000 places to be filled.
  • The Federal Government approved a new Policy for the promotion of local production of Bitumen and other construction materials In Nigeria.
  • President Buhari gives presidential assent to a landmark Bill amending the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

Police nabs woman who threw her newborn baby in a pit toilet

Police officers in Anambra state have arrested a woman who killed her newborn son by throwing him into a pit toilet.

Franca Udokwu, 30, from Obuba Obofia Nkpor Community in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State, was arrested on August 22 by police operatives attached to Ogidi Division following a tip-off. 

Upon interrogation, the suspect led police detectives to the pit toilet inside her house where she dumped her baby.

The baby was recovered and taken to Iyi- Enu Mission Hospital for medical attention but was confirmed dead on arrival by a medical doctor.

Police nabs woman who threw her newborn baby in a pit toilet

According to SP Haruna Mohammed, PPRO Anambra State Police Command, the baby’s corpse has been deposited at the hospital mortuary for autopsy and the case is under investigation after which the suspect will be charged to court for.

Police nabs woman who threw her newborn baby in a pit toilet

Police invites Obadiah Mailafia for questioning over his comment about a Northern governor allegedly being the commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Obadiah Mailafia, has been invited for questioning by the police over the comment he made recently about a Northern governor being the commander of Boko Haram.

Obadiah in an interview with an Abuja based radio station, InfoFM on Monday, August 10, alleged that some repentant bandits spoke with him and other stakeholders in Southern Kaduna and the repentant bandits revealed that a serving governor in one of the Northern states is the commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

”Let me make some revelations because some of us also have our own intelligence network. We have met with some of the bandits, we have met with some of their high commanders, one or two who have repented. They have sat down with us, not once, not twice. 

They told us that one of the Northern governors is the commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria.” he said in the interview

A letter signed by one Umar Mamman Sanda, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Admin) and dated today August 20, instructed Mailafiya to be at the Force Headquarters in Abuja by 11am on Monday August 24.

The Department of State Services had earlier invited Mailafia twice for questioning over his claim.

See the copy of the letter inviting Malaifa below

Police invites Obadiah Mailafia for questioning over his comment about a Northern governor allegedly being the commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria

NBA withdraws invitation to Governor El-Rufai as speaker in forthcoming conference

The Nigerian Bar Association has withdrawn its invitation to Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai as one of the speakers in its forthcoming conference. 

The announcement was made via the association’s Twitter handle, days after some lawyers protested against the inclusion of the Kaduna state Governor in NBA’s speakers’ list. 

Recall that a lawyer, Usani Odum spearheaded the online petition to stop the governor from attending the Annual General Conference and it has garnered over 3,000 signatures.

In a seperate letter titled ‘Request to Withdraw the Offer of Platform at the 2020 Annual General Conference of the NBA to Mallam Nasir el-Rufai’ and signed by Silas Onu and Auta Nyada, 10 allegations against el-Rufai and his son Bello were listed. The allegations bordered on his alleged poor human rights record and inability to stop the killings in the state he governs, particularly in southern Kaduna.

The tweet which confirmed withdrawal of the invitation to Governor El-Rufai read; 

“The National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association at its ongoing meeting resolves that the invitation to the Kaduna State Governor, H.E. Nasir El-Rufai by the 2020 Annual General Conference Planning committee be withdrawn and decision communicated to the Governor.”

NBA withdraws invitation to Governor El-Rufai as speaker in forthcoming conference

Twitter stories: accident victim to sue doctor for giving him blood to revive him when he was unconscious

An accident victim allegedly wants to file a lawsuit against a doctor for giving him blood to revive him.

The man was reportedly taken to the hospital after he suffered an accident that nearly cost him his life.

The doctor on duty did a blood transfusion to save him and he soon regained consciousness. 

He was upset when he found out he was given blood and he has threatened to sue the doctor for doing something that is against his faith.

The revelation led to an argument on Twitter after one user said the doctor should have respected his faith. Others asked how the doctor would have known that his faith doesn’t permit blood transfusion when the man was unconscious and couldn’t object.

Twitter stories: accident victim to sue doctor for giving him blood to revive him when he was unconscious
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